šŸ’„ Hardware Configuration

šŸ“ø Imaging

  • I have garnered substantial expertise in working with diverse imaging devices, specializing in the calibration and utilization of various cameras and 3D sensors.


    Creative DepthSense 325 3D Camera
    Image Credits: TechLeer

     Microsoft Kinect
    Image Credits: The Technophile

    Structure Sensor
    Image Credits: TechCrunch

    Bumblebee Stereo
    Image Credits: Teledyne Flir

    Minoru 3D
    Image Credits: Pocket-lint

    Custom Stereo Setup
    Representative image. Credits: Stackable

    Fisheye Camera
    Image Credits: Ardu Cam

    Monochrome Camera
    Image Credits: Edmund Optics

    Velodyne Lidar
    Image Credits: Velodyne Lidar

    My hands-on experience with these imaging devices has equipped me with the necessary skills to perform calibration and utilize them effectively for various applications, contributing to cutting-edge projects in imaging and 3D sensing domains.

šŸ–„ļø Computing

  • I have proficiently worked with various computing boards and mini-PCs, enabling me to build efficient and powerful hardware configurations.


    NVIDIA Jetson Xavier NX
    Image Credits: Ubuy India

    Raspberry Pi
    Image Credits: Ubuy India

    Intel Neural Compute Stick 2
    Image Credits: Robu.in

    Image Credits: makezine.com

    Image Credits: RS-Online

    Intel NUC mini-PC
    Image Credits: GetPCAPP